Today Jun 27 Fidelity High Dividend ETF (FDVV) Increases 0.34%

June 27, 2018 - By Robert Case

Today, on Jun 27, Fidelity High Dividend ETF (NYSEARCA:FDVV) looks positive with 0.34% gain so far, reaching $29.3 per share. With net assets of 141.79M and 0.83% volatility for this month.

During the day 7,687 shares traded hands, in comparison to Fidelity High Dividend ETF’s (NYSEARCA:FDVV) average volume of 35,940 for the past month.

Currently the ETF’s ATR is 0.28, that’s -3.22% and 12.80% of its 52-Week High and Low. This year’s efficiency is 2.58% while the efficiency of this quarter’s 3.26%.

The ETF have 2.94% YTD perf, 13.59% for 1 year and 0% for 3 years.

Fidelity High Dividend ETF have 14.3 avg P/E ratio, also have 1.95 price to book ratio. The P/CF ratio is 4.54 and the price to sales ratio is 1.95. On 9/19/2016 it begun. Apple Inc is the fund’s main investment for 3.59% of assets, Verizon Communications Inc for 3.03%, Microsoft Corp for 2.98%, Exxon Mobil Corp for 2.97%, AT&T Inc for 2.91%, JPMorgan Chase & Co for 2.73%, CenturyLink Inc for 2.71%, Chevron Corp for 2.69%, Valero Energy Corp for 2.51%, Bank of America Corporation for 2.36%. The current Fidelity High Dividend ETF’s yield is 3.64%. With Basic Materials 0.00%, Consumer Cyclical 4.53%, Financial Services 14.07%, Realestate 20.39%, Consumer Defensive 1.08%, Healthcare 6.40%, Utilities 8.95%, Communication Services 9.11%, Energy 13.88%, Industrials 4.61%, Technology 16.97% sector weights.

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